Apple Considered Launching ‘iPhone nano’, Reveals E-mail From Steve Jobs


An email sent by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in 2010, revealed by The Verge this Thursday (19), confirms that the company had plans to launch an “iPhone nano”. The model, with reduced dimensions, had its production speculated in 2011, but it never ended up coming out of the paper.

In the message, included in the Apple vs. Epic Games lawsuit, the then Apple CEO describes the company’s strategies for 2011, which would be discussed at a meeting. In one of the excerpts, he cites the “iPhone nano plan,” followed by the “cost target” and “renders presentation” sub-markers, pointing to the company’s head of design at the time, Jony Ive.

In an earlier part of the email, the late businessman hints at the possibility of creating a “low-cost iPod touch-based iPhone model to replace the 3GS.” According to the publication, it is not clear whether the text refers to the nano version of the cell phone or another device.

The site recalls that the inventor had already commented on a mysterious “nano” device a few years earlier, as shown in an August 5, 2007 email. updated iPod nano that would be released in September 2008.

Nano x Mini

The nomenclature mentioned by Jobs in the email did not appear on the brand’s cell phones, but was adopted on the iPod. However, the nickname was abandoned by big tech in 2017, when it announced the end of the iPod nano, a player that debuted in 2005 and had eight generations released.

In place of the term used to designate small-sized devices, Apple opted for the word “mini”. It appears on the iPhone 12 mini and also on the HomePod mini, a smaller version of Apple’s smart speaker, both introduced last October.


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