Apple Confirms iPhone 12 Will Be Late


Apple made an important statement regarding the upcoming iPhone models. Luca Maestri, Head of the Company’s Finance Unit, announced that the iPhone 12 series will be delayed a few weeks. With this statement, Apple has announced that an iPhone will be delayed for the first time in its history.

The US-based technology giant Apple is currently on the agenda with the new iPhone model. With Apple’s new flagship phones, there is a new development almost every day and we are trying to convey these developments to you. Now the company has made an important statement regarding the upcoming iPhone models. It must be said that this statement is a first in Apple history.

Apple holds an event every year in September and introduces flagship iPhone models. However, this year is going through an extraordinary process all over the world. The reason for this is the coronavirus outbreak, as you can imagine. Apple’s latest announcement shows that the company has had its part in the outbreak of coronavirus. According to Apple’s statements, the iPhone 12 series will be delayed a few weeks.

Apple confirms iPhone 12 will be delayed

Apple recently released its financial statement for the third quarter of 2020. We even told you what Apple did in this quarter. “As you know, we started selling iPhone in late September last year. This year, we expect the supply to be ready a few weeks later.” founded his sentences.

Apple announced that new iPhone models were late in late September last year. The statements made by Maestri reveal that the iPhone 12 series will be released in October, not the end of September. Apple’s statements have unfortunately confirmed the allegations made by many technical analysts and sources of leaks, especially in recent times.

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It is not the first time that Apple released an iPhone in October or November. For example, the iPhone X was released in November and the iPhone XR was released in October. However, the company has never announced that an iPhone model will be delayed recently. In addition, Apple has not made any announcements regarding the iPhone models it will announce in the past years.

This year, Apple is expected to announce at least four iPhone models with an OLED display that also support 5G connectivity. The main difference between these models will be the camera setups. For example, iPhone 12 Pro is also said to have an advanced LIDAR sensor. With the announcements Apple will make, it will reveal all the details about iPhone 12.


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