Apple claim wrong: Scratched his eyebrow


Jon Prosser, known for leaking information for Apple, took his shaver for his eyebrow when his last claim turned out to be wrong. Prosser recently shared a claim about Apple. According to this claim, Apple was going to hold an event on March 23 (today). However, the event was not organized. Having promised about this, Prosser has fulfilled his promise.

In sharing his claim, Prosser made a promise to fulfill if it turned out to be true. It was written that he would shave his eyebrows if the sharing event was not organized. Prosser showed how much he cares about his promise. It also supported the social responsibility project.

Jon Prosser ignored the eyebrow for his word

Leaked information is critical in the tech world. Because the features of many new models show themselves before the introduction. This leak information is also published by proven people. The biggest evidence of leaking people is that they share the correct information. Jon Prosser is also known for leaking accurate information for the Apple world.

After Jon Prosser’s post on March 23, all eyes turned to this date. However, Apple did not do any activity. Jon Prosser also uploaded the video of shaving his eyebrows to YouTube. The video received thousands of views within 3 hours. Jon Prosser, who broadcasts his videos on the channel “FRONT PAGE TECH”, has 322 thousand subscribers.

Prosser didn’t cut his eyebrows just because he had promised. He wanted to get attention for a charity. It supported the donation campaign for “Wings for Kids”, which supports people with cancer at a young age. He also stated that the viewers who wish can provide cash assistance. “Now we forgive you!” and “Don’t worry, Jon Prosser. You have not lost your dignity. ” Statements such as took place.

In the video, Prosser, who started to shave his eyebrows at the 11th minute and 25th second, said, “For children! For kids!” saying he motivated himself. In addition, the introduction of the video received information for the iPhone 13. Prosser claimed that the iPhone 13 will be released later this year.

There is no new date information for Apple’s next event. Prosser claimed that next April, Apple will introduce the new iPad and AirTags. It was also a matter of curiosity whether Jon Prosser would get longer until the next event.


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