Apple CEO Tim Cook Announces Revenue in 2019


Apple has made a good profit by multiplying its value over the past year. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, who achieved these achievements, was announced last year.

The incomes of the executives of the world’s largest technology companies have undoubtedly been a concern for many people. There are fluctuations from year to year in the amounts earned by the chief executives, who are often thought to have more income. Managers who have generated a much higher amount of revenue in the previous year can earn less than the amount they earned in the following year.

US-based technology giant Apple, the iPhone 11 series and MacBook Pro models introduced last year attracted a lot of attention and reached good sales figures. Tim Cook, CEO of the company, was also announced in 2019. According to reports, Tim Cook’s total revenue in 2019 was determined as $ 11.6 million. According to the figures, Tim Cook earned $ 4.1 million less than in 2018.

The reason for the decline is Apple’s poor financial performance:

tim cook

Tim Cook generated $ 15.7 million in revenue in 2018. This year’s decline in Tim Cook’s revenue, which generated $ 11.6 million in revenue this year, is thought to be due to Apple’s poor financial performance. Apple reached impressive sales figures in 2019, apparently in 2018 has achieved an ineffective sales.

According to reports, Tim Cook’s basic salary is a total of $ 3 million. With additional bonuses and incentives for 2019, Tim Cook’s salary is approximately $ 7.7 million in performance, plus $ 885,000 for security, travel and other needs. Apple plans to show a much stronger financial performance in 2020. The company plans to move its services further and achieve higher sales figures. In this context, Tim Cook, CEO of the company, may increase in revenue this year.

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