Apple caught illegal iPhone and iPad selling center


Leading tech firm Apple caught a Canadian firm selling illegal iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. It was reported that the accounts requested to be sold were collected for recycling. However, Geep, the company that will do the recycling, wanted to sell the products illegally. However, the company says that it is not its own fault, it is with its employees.

As is known, Apple recycles old products. For this, he works with some companies. However, since old products are still salable, the purpose of recycling can be abused.

Illegal iPhone and iPad sale

According to the report revealed by iPhone Addict, the company named Geep sold 103.845 old iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch models. It is reported that the company specializes in recycling electronic products. The company said it did not sell the products itself and put forward three employees on the subject. It is said that these three employees wanted to sell the products rather than transform them.

The firm acknowledged that the products were stolen. According to Apple, 3 people who wanted to do the sales were in managerial positions in the company called Geep. It was stated that the incident in question happened a long time ago and the case files are now revealed.

It is stated that Apple demanded $ 23.3 million in compensation for this illegal iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch sale. In the compensation, it is reported that there are income and additions from more than 100 thousand devices. The defendant, Geep, asked those responsible to serve the penalty if Apple was right.

It is also clear how non-recyclable products are found. According to what is said, a search was made on the serial numbers of the devices that are not in the recycling company. As a result of the research, it was determined that 18 percent of the devices were used by some operators. In addition, it was stated that the operator signal could not be detected because the iPad and Apple Watch models are only Wi-Fi compatible.


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