Apple Card rival Huawei Card appeared


Huawei Card features have been announced. Apple, one of the leading names in the technology world, announced the Apple Card credit card last year. Huawei, which sees itself as a competitor, will bring the Huawei Card credit card to the users.

The Huawei Pay system will be available with the credit card. Although a credit card is an application, a physical card will also be in the hands of users. It is also clear that the card has NFC feature and UnionPay agreement.

What are the features of Huawei Card?
Huawei continues to work in many areas. The company, which introduced the P40 series in the past days, is now on the agenda with the news of a credit card like Apple Card. The new card will be used on the Huawei Pay system. Thanks to the NFC, which will be on the physical card, contactless transactions can be made.

Since the card will work with UnionPlay, it will have international validity. UnionPlay is a financial institution established in China and operating in many countries.

The card will serve users with an annual renewal system. At this point, it has the same feature as an ordinary credit card. However, the campaign will be made and the users will not be charged for the first year. Thus, the company aims to reach a wide usage audience.

The card also states that special points will be earned in many categories. In some times, spending will also be made available in return, VIP services and privileged services in travels.

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Addressing the security issue, the company stated that the card will be very well protected in digital environment. It was said that this method was previously provided with Huawei Pay. These promises are thought to be a good introduction to the use of the card. Because the news that credit card information was stolen many times in the past year had kept the agenda busy.

In February, Apple Card obtained the first permission from China Central Bank to operate in China. Information about when the Huawei Card will start operating has not been shared yet.


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