Apple Car? Not so soon, report indicates


Apple has been talking about the development of an electric and supposedly autonomous vehicle for at least six years, and recently a report indicated that units of the Apple company could be on the streets by 2024, fueling public expectations that an ad official was soon carried out.

However, it seems that this will not happen as soon as was thought, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who, in a note discovered by MacRumors, expects a launch only in the period from 2025 to 2027.

“Due to changes in the electric / automotive vehicle market and Apple’s high quality standards, we would not be surprised if the Apple Car lineup was postponed to 2028 or later,” he said.

There is hope: to arrive in the shortest possible time, it is necessary that the processes start this year (yes, 2020) and that everything goes well – which does not seem promising, since the pandemic is still far from over.

Guaranteed success? Not exactly

Also according to Ming-Chi, although the market eagerly awaits the novelty, investors should be reminded that, despite all the company’s competitive advantages, it was not successful in all the unprecedented deals it launched, citing the suspension of new devices after the low demand faced by HomePod and HomePod mini.

“Competition in the electric and autonomous car market is more fierce than that of smart speakers, so we think it is dangerous to come to the conclusion that the Apple Car will succeed,” he reflects.

Finally, arguing that big data and artificial intelligence, not hardware, will determine the prosperity of manufacturers, there will be a gap of at least five years of data accumulation between the competition and the Apple company at the time that the novelty was launched . “How does Apple, a laggard, overcome this gap?” He asks.

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