Apple car could be 100% autonomous when launched


With each passing day, more details emerge about the “Apple Car”, the supposed vehicle that will be manufactured by the creator of the iPhones. According to a CNBC report, the company is close to closing a partnership to build the car, which is supposed to be 100% autonomous and electric in its launch version.

According to sources who spoke to CNBC, Apple engineers are developing the company’s car to “work without a driver”. The company would aim to launch a vehicle that drives itself and brings great focus on battery autonomy. According to analysts, the car can also be modular.

The positioning may be an indication that the first generation of the Apple Car may not be aimed at the end consumer. Instead of launching a vehicle for fans of the brand, the company can enter the automotive market with a solution aimed at making deliveries, indicates CNBC.

Contract almost closed

CNBC sources also point out that Apple is about to close a contract with the Hyundai-Kia alliance to manufacture the vehicle. The construction of the Apple Car is supposed to be the responsibility of Kia Motors and will take place in Georgia, United States.

Reaffirming previous rumors, the report also says that Apple wants to control the hardware and software behind the vehicle, while Hyundai-Kia will only be responsible for the final assembly. The sources also indicate that more companies can join the game, which would be generating distrust in the Korean partner.

Apple has not officially commented on the matter, but the brand’s entry into the auto industry looks increasingly certain. According to CNBC, the company would need only a 2% share of the global car market, valued at US $ 10 trillion, to achieve similar revenue to iPhones today.


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