Apple Car: Chinese Companies Trade Vehicle Batteries


Apple continues to slowly draw partnerships and negotiate with suppliers to manufacture its own car. According to the Reuters news agency, the company is now looking for an ally in the supply of batteries for electric cars.

After hearing four anonymous sources “with knowledge of the matter”, the report cites that Apple is in the initial stages of negotiations with two Chinese manufacturers: CATL and BYD. Both are responsible for the type of energy source in the format that the company seeks: lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries.

No contract has been signed so far and both can still be left out of the project. All parties involved refused to comment on the matter officially.

CATL is the leading name in the automotive battery industry and has even Tesla as a customer. BYD is a smaller competitor, but also relevant in the segment.

Does the “Apple Car” really exist?

Apple’s car design has been around in rumor form for a few years and has apparently undergone changes in recent months.

Hyundai supposedly almost closed a deal to be responsible for the production and the base technology of the car, but it backed down – and now the Apple itself can take care of everything, closing partnerships with suppliers and manufacturers such as the case of electric batteries.

In a recent interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the biggest challenge in the automotive industry today is integrating hardware, software and services.


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