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Apple Car can be produced by LG and Magna International


Apple Car: According to an article published in The Korean Times on Tuesday (13), Apple may be about to close an agreement with LG Magna e-Powertrain for the production of the Apple Car, whose launch is expected until 2025 – a partnership between the south -Korean and the Canadian manufacturer of automotive components to be signed in 2021 and which would have the Apple company as its first customer.

Like previous rumors indicated, both would act only as “parts” of the production chain of a product marketed exclusively under the brand of the company led by Tim Cook, an unwanted role by other big names in the industry, such as Hyundai and Nissan. As they do not have a relevant presence in the sector, the chances of what they accept are great.

Tesla, General Motors, Ford and BMW are some of those that already have batteries, engines and more supplied by LG and Magna International, attesting the ability to offer their solutions to Apple. In addition, the second has already appeared in the range of betting experts when it comes to the new directions of the person responsible for iPhones, iPads and other famous devices.

Step by step

It is known that, since 2015, Apple has been working on autonomous driving technology under the code name Project Titan, which would have suffered interruptions in 2017. Still, several clues indicate its resumption.

Hiring key Tesla and Porsche executives is one of them, as is Tim Cook’s statement to journalist Kara Swisher on April 5 that the company would be interested in bringing together hardware, software and services related to electric vehicles.

For the rest, it remains for us to monitor such movements.



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