Apple Car can be made by Foxconn, maker of iPhones


Apple may close a partnership with Chinese Foxconn or Canadian Magna to manufacture the alleged Apple Car, which appeared in several rumors during the beginning of the year. According to Bloomberg, the owner of the iPhones would have given up negotiating with automakers like Hyundai and is now looking for a broader solution to bring her car to life.

While partnering with an automaker would be the ideal way, manufacturers would be wary of signing a contract with Apple. In the case of Hyundai, the company reportedly would not be happy to be reduced to just another part of the Cupertino company’s assembly line.

Apple’s new approach avoids this problem. Foxconn specializes in the assembly of electronic components and Magna works in the manufacture of automobiles, both of which operate under demand for contracts with external companies.

According to 9to5Mac, the Apple plan follows the same guidelines as the manufacture of iPhones today. After Cupertino’s people did all the design and planning of the line’s cell phones, partners like Foxconn are hired to assemble the device en masse.

Long relationship

Although not as well known globally, Magna is headquartered in Canada and is one of the most experienced companies in North America in the manufacture of parts for cars, serving companies like Ford and Tesla. However, according to Bloomberg sources, Apple would be more inclined to close a new contract with Foxconn.

Responsible for the construction of iPhones, the Chinese manufacturer already has a close relationship with the Cupertino company. Although there are disagreements between the two companies, Apple may close a contract with the firm again because of their long-standing relationship.

According to a statement obtained by Bloomberg, Foxconn is already “used to” taking orders from Apple. In addition, the Chinese company’s factories are already full of Apple equipment because of the assembly of the iPhones.

So far, Apple has not officially commented on the matter and all details should be considered rumors. According to some speculation, Apple Car manufacturing should begin in 2024.


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