Apple can open Apple Pay technology on iPhones


The European Union commission’s investigation against Apple for limiting competition from its devices could lead to the company having to release access to the technology behind its own payment system, Apple Pay.

According to Bloomberg, new rules that could be implemented soon would force technology companies that own digital financial transaction platforms to share how the service works.

The aim of the law would be to prevent devices such as smartphones and smartwatches that use NFC technology from limiting their use to only their own applications – which is exactly the case with Apple with the iPhone and the Apple Watch, although the giant is not named in the report. .

If the process goes ahead, banks and other financial institutions will be able to use their own applications within any electronics, including using the NFC framework.

Could be worse

The investigation against Apple in Europe also involves monopoly practices on the App Store. In addition to the obligation to grant access to rivals, the company may have to pay a fine. News in the report is due to be announced next week, still without a final decision.


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