Apple Buys Primephonic Classical Music Streaming Service


Apple announced, on Monday (30), the acquisition of the music streaming platform Primephonic. Focused on classical music and launched three years ago, the service offered high quality broadcast and expert curation.

From now on, the tool will be incorporated into Apple Music, with the original app being discontinued. Primephonic no longer accepts new registrations and will be taken offline from September 7, 2021. Subscribers prior to purchase will receive a 6-month subscription voucher in the new home of the app to experience streaming.

For now, subscribers to the Apple platform will be entitled to exclusive content from the platform’s catalog and playlists. In addition, in the coming months, Apple Music will gain an increasingly dedicated space for classical music, which will involve some tools absorbed from the personalized service. Features include search improvements, composer search capability, and more advanced metadata.

For next year, the idea is that the company will launch a separate application focused on the music genre, combining the Primephonic interface with new features.


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