Apple to Buy NextVR from Best Virtual Reality Platforms


Technology giant Apple plans to take NextVR, one of the best platforms, by showing that it continues to work on virtual reality. NextVR was transferring important events over virtual reality today.

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies will undoubtedly be among the most used technologies in the future. Studies on this subject have been going on for years, but we still have not fully seen what this technology can do. For this reason, the virtual reality industry has not matured yet today.

Apple has long been working on virtual reality and augmented reality. We see and write that the company has been working on new augmented reality technology since the past years. Today, something has happened that shows how much Apple has been prepared for this technology.

Apple acquires the virtual reality platform NextVR:
US technology giant Apple plans to buy NextVR, one of today’s best virtual reality platforms, for $ 100 million. According to the news of 9to5Mac, NextVR has informed its employees about the purchase. Moreover, according to the news, employees will have to move after the purchase is completed.

NextVR platform, which Apple plans to buy, allows its users to watch the events organized with VR glasses. The company currently hosts important events such as NBA, WWE, FOX Sports, Live Nation and the International Champions Cup, which are included in the category of sports, music and entertainment.

We have been sharing the news that Apple will release virtual reality and augmented reality glasses for several months. The company has patented many technologies that may be included in its glasses. So when are we going to see Apple’s glasses, which we are eagerly waiting for and will probably make a new revolution?

In a news story last week, we shared something important about Apple’s expected glasses. In our news, we said that Apple’s title, consisting of a combination of augmented reality and virtual reality, will be released in 2022. You can learn important predictions about when Apple will take off the glasses from our article.