Apple, Bone Conducting Headphones


Apple has patented a wireless headset in the USA. This wireless headphone patent is quite different from the models we’ve used to date. According to the patent, Apple continues to work on a wireless headphone that transmits sound from the bone.

US-based technology giant Apple confused with a patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office. Apple’s patent reveals that the company is working on a new wireless headset. The patented wireless headset seems to start a major war in the industry, although everything is so usual.

Apple’s patent shows that the company is working on a wireless headset that transmits sound from bone. Whether this wireless headset is the upcoming AirPods 3 or a different model is currently unknown, but Apple is apparently preparing to open a new page in the wireless headset industry. Unfortunately, it is not possible to predict when this wireless headset will come to light.

Apple’s patent in the USA

The technology of transmitting sound from bone is a technology that has been around for a while but has not become widespread due to some problems. Apple, on the other hand, seems to create a product by interpreting this technology according to itself. Because the patent received shows that Apple is working on a headset with multiple sound transfer modules. Multiple audio streaming modules seem to allow users to receive clearer and higher volume.

If the wireless headset that Apple is working on becomes a product, users will have the opportunity to listen to music while hearing the ambient sound. Also, thanks to such headphones, it is possible to listen to music without interruption even underwater. Unfortunately, Apple’s patent does not share all the details of this mysterious wireless headset. The most important information we have at the moment is that Apple has developed a wireless headset with bone conduction technology.

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The US-based tech giant is expected to hold an event in September and introduce the iPhone 12 series as part of this event. Ming-Chi Kuo, an experienced Apple analyst, states that a new AirPods will not be announced as part of this event, users must wait until early 2021. If these statements reflect the truth, Apple may come up with a wireless headset that can transmit sound through the bone in 2021.


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