Apple blocks games and apps related to Corona virus


The COVID-19 virus, or better known as the Corona virus, has caused panic all over the world. Apple has announced that it blocks entertainment apps and games from the App Store that take advantage of this situation.

According to the official figures announced, the Corona virus, which caused 5 thousand 839 people to die, is on the agenda of the whole world. Of course, the developers started to develop these kinds of applications and games after the whole world got the attention. Apple wants to prevent this, removing all entertainment apps that use pandemic disease as the main theme.

The technology giant stands next to applications for information purposes, not for fun purposes. The company has not removed applications that provide information about this global disease that spreads almost anywhere in the world, with figures from official sources.

Games related to Corona virus are not allowed
The US-based tech giant announced today that the games, whose main subject is Corona virus, will be blocked. The company said, “Games or entertainment applications with the theme COVID-19 will not be allowed”.

However, this decision will not affect games related to pandemic diseases in general. For example, users can use Plague Inc. The game will be accessible without any problems. It is also worth adding that the game was removed from the App Store in China as a result of the Chinese government’s pressure.

Apple was already refusing health-related practices of untrustworthy sources. The company has now included COVID-19 among them. The technology giant stated that government organizations, health-oriented non-governmental organizations, companies with a certificate on health issues, and medical or educational institutes can offer applications in relation to the Corona virus.

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Naturally, Apple was one of the companies affected by COVID-19 disease, which negatively affected many sectors. The company also closed all retail stores outside China for two weeks.


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