Apple Begins Notifying Those Responsible For Brand Leaks


Apple has started sending notifications to social media users known to leak information, concept art and photos of Apple products such as iPhones and iPads.

According to the website Apple Track, at least two relevant people have confirmed receipt of the notice: Kang, one of the most popular members of this community today, and the designer ConceptCreator, who makes his own renderings or publishes images of future products of the brand.

According to Kang, who was the main name behind the iPhone 12 rumors that proved correct, the letter is not yet a notice of lawsuit. Attorneys representing the brand cite that the person in question should not share information about unreleased products, as this “would give Apple’s competitors factual information and could also mislead consumers, as the content may not be accurate.”

And now?

Kang’s account further suggests that the legal team took screenshots of the leaked content and sent it as evidence. He said he should no longer publish the publications, which currently had the format of “riddles or dreams” messages in an attempt to hide that they were leaks.

Also according to the user, he seems upset by the fact that he is accused of deceiving the public, as he never suggested buying anything based on speculation nor did he post illegally taken photos.

In 2019, Apple even warned employees that they could be contributors to users who post about leaks. In recent months, the company has reinforced security in partner companies and suppliers to prevent details from being extracted from the locations.