Apple Becomes Top Segment Smartphone Market Leader


The market shares of major technology and smartphone manufacturers were announced this year as in the other two quarters of this year. Apple dominated the upper segment smartphone market with a share of 52%.

Market research agency Counterpoint published its latest report analyzing the third quarter of this year. In the published report, the power of the US-based technology company Apple appeared once again. Apple continues to dominate the market in the upper segment smartphone market.

In the upper segment smartphone market, Apple, which holds 52% of the market, is followed by South Korean Samsung and Chinese Huawei. The report, Apple’s share of the high-end smartphone market, the third quarter of this year also emphasized increased. The market share of Samsung and Huawei in this area was 25% and 12% respectively.

Apple has no competitor

The iPhone XR has become the world’s best-selling top segment smartphone with a relatively reasonable price / performance ratio. Huawei has achieved an 80% market share in its home country of China with the Mate 30 and P30 series, which was also influential in Huawei’s total market share.

The Hong Kong-based OnePlus is one of the top-selling smartphone brands. The company’s market share reached 2%, the most important factor in this was the company’s popularity in India.

Top segment smartphone receiving power
In general, the acceptance rate of consumers around the world, the top segment smartphone is gradually rising. The iPhone XR, whose price range ranges from $ 600 to $ 799, remains at the heart of smartphone sales rates. Models in the price range of $ 800 to $ 999 are beginning to increase. The leading models in this area are the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 series. These series achieved an increase of 145% compared to the same period of the previous year.

The survey published by Counterpoint revealed that the upper segment smartphone market continued to grow in the third quarter of this year. 5G-supported smartphones have a big share in this increase. The sales prices of the phones increased by 5% in the third quarter.

Looking at the market share of 5G-enabled smartphones, Samsung dominates the leadership with a heavy dominance of 74%. Samsung was followed by LG with 11%. Samsung and LG continue to take advantage in an unfair field, given that South Korea has the world’s first commercial 5G network.


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