Apple Became the World’s Most Valuable Company


The US-based technology giant Apple managed to become the most valuable company in the world by gaining 10% after yesterday’s financial report. Apple’s price per share rose to $ 425.

US technology giant Apple managed to make a big impact on The Wall Street with its financial report released yesterday. With this effect, AAPL started to operate at the highest level. With this chain effect, Apple managed to become the most valuable company in the world by leaving Saudi Aramco behind.

Apple’s share price, which continues to increase continuously every minute, has reached $ 425 as of now. The company also announced yesterday that the share will be divided by 4. In other words, the shares bought for $ 425 now will decrease to $ 100 after the split on August 31.

Its value has exceeded $ 1.84 trillion:

Apple, which managed to reach its all-time high in its shares today, exceeded 1.5 million trillion dams last month. With the announcement made yesterday, the company’s value caught a great leap forward. Apple’s total value has now managed to exceed the $ 1.84 trillion level.

Apple’s second quarter report announced yesterday managed to draw a positive picture despite the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. The company, which once decided to close all its stores worldwide, achieved an 11% growth in the last quarter, making a profit of $ 11.25 billion.

These figures announced by Apple are, of course, quite impressive. However, the company did not only give good news during the meeting. The Apple CFO announced at the meeting that the new iPhone 12 series will be released in October, delaying a few weeks, not in September.

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Having achieved 10% value in one day, Apple succeeded in becoming the first technology company to exceed the 1 trillion dollar threshold in August 2018. The company also won the title of being the second company to reach $ 1 trillion. Apple almost doubled its value in the past two years.


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