Apple bars Facebook update citing 30% rate on iOS


Facebook had an update on the social networking app for iOS rejected by Apple. The reason? According to the company’s complaint, made to the Reuters news agency, the content included a warning to the user that Apple takes up a 30% share of all microtransactions made within the tool.

In response, Apple cited a rule that prevents developers from showing “irrelevant information” to the user. The message was positioned within a Facebook function that allows the purchase of tickets to various events through the application.

Facebook claims that it tried to talk to Apple to reduce or zero the rate, or to direct the 30% to the organizers of the events in question. Apple declined the request and the appeal was aired with the “tax” normally charged. Also according to Reuters, the message “Facebook does not take a purchase fee” was also not found on the Google Play Store, but Facebook did not seem to complain.


Facebook is far from the first company to complain in any way about the 30% fee charged by Apple (and Google) on microtransactions made on the mobile operating system, if the app was downloaded by the official store – which is the only one alternative in the case of iOS.

The most famous case is the dispute with Epic Games, which created a whole marketing campaign about the complaint, sued the giants and had the Fortnite game banned from the Apple store, which warned that it will not make exceptions. Microsoft, on the other hand, was in favor of the developer in the case.

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