Apple Barred More Than $ 1.5 Billion in App Fraud In 2020


Apple: In a statement published on Tuesday (11), Apple revealed that, only in 2020, it protected its users from “potentially fraudulent transactions” that exceeded the $ 1.5 billion mark. In addition, the company points out, it has kept almost 1 million new suspicious or vulnerable apps away from the App Store.

Among the reasons for blocking apps, he points out, were both unfinished versions that did not work correctly when submitted for approval and those that showed flagrant violations, capable of harming the public. Of the total, more than 48 thousand contained hidden or undocumented resources and more than 150 thousand were rejected because they were considered spam, imitators or deceptive.

“Another common reason why apps are rejected is that they simply ask for more user data than they need, or don’t properly handle the data they collect. In 2020, the App Analytics team rejected more than 215,000 apps that contained this type of privacy violation “, complements the Apple company.

It also states: “Some developers take a bait and switch: they essentially change how the app works after analysis to escape the guidelines and commit prohibited and even criminal actions”, 95 of the total.

Frequent issues

Still according to Apple, several threats have been present since the launch of the App Store; therefore, it changed guidelines to respond to new demands. “Even with these strict review protections in place, with 1.8 million apps on the App Store, problems still arise”, warns the giant, which advises customers to report such cases through the resources it offers.

“In 2020 alone, the fusion of sophisticated technology and human review prevented more than 3 million stolen cards from being used to buy stolen goods and services, and banned nearly 1 million accounts from making transactions again,” he says.


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