Apple Backs Off And Won’t Make iPhone 13’s Face ID Unusable After Repair


Apple: In a surprising change of posture, Apple backed off and promised to keep the iPhone 13’s Face ID sensor working even after an independent repair of its screen. The commitment was shared with The Verge website this Tuesday (9) and will be effected in a software update on iOS, still without a defined date to arrive.

The decision favors users’ freedom of choice, previously limited to authorized Apple assistance, which is often costly and restricted in some locations. The case was made public after an analysis of the iPhone 13 carried out by iFixit, a website specializing in device-independent repairs and which defends the Right of Repair for users.

At the time, experts found that the Face ID of the iPhone 13, among other features, would no longer work if the user performed a screen change outside of Apple’s authorized assistance. More specifically, the problem was caused by the absence of a microcontroller in the replacement part, being responsible for verifying the compliance of its serial code and the cell phone.

As the process of transferring the microcontroller from the original screen to the replacement is difficult and costly, both technicians outside Apple’s authorized support and users can be left in an awkward situation.

Fortunately, iFixit’s complaints seem to have been answered, but they still don’t have any specified by Apple to end — as the company hasn’t revealed any other details about the upcoming update. It remains to wait for the company’s position on the case.