Apple authorizes Parler’s return to the App Store


Apple: After a long struggle, the social network Parler will return to the App Store. In January, the controversial app was banned from Apple’s online store after reports that it was used to articulate attacks on the US Capitol.

At the time, the technology giant found publications on the social network that encourage violence and denigrate various ethnic groups, races and religions. Posts that glorified Nazism were also identified.

In April of this year, CEO Tim Cook said that the Parler app would only return to the App Store if it met certain requirements. Among them, a more energetic moderation in relation to content considered criminal.

Apparently, the social network responded to the company’s requests and made the necessary changes to the application. The information was revealed in a letter from Apple sent to Congressman Ken Buck.

“Parler proposed updates to the application and content moderation practices, and Apple’s review team reported on April 14, 2021 that the updated software will be approved for reintegration into the App Store,” highlights the document.

In releasing the text of the letter on Twitter, Ken Buck declared that the decision meant “a major victory for freedom of expression”.

Google and Amazon maintain positioning

The return to the App Store can be considered a small victory for Parler in the “war” against the tech giants. For example, the app is still suspended from the Google Play Store.

In March of this year, the social network filed a lawsuit against Amazon for “millionaire damage” due to breach of contract. According to her, the abrupt termination of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) service has tarnished its reputation.

On the other hand, the e-commerce giant claimed that it had sufficient reason to immediately terminate the contract. That’s because the platform was being used to spread hate speech and encourage violence.


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