Apple AR Headset Has ‘Mac Power’ And Should Arrive in 2022


Apple: A new report by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo released by the MacRumors website brings new information on what to expect from Apple’s supposed Augmented Reality (AR) headset, a product already widely speculated and which may finally go out of business next year.

According to Kuo, the first generation of Apple glasses will already work independently, that is, without the obligation to pair it with any other device. In addition, the company is already working to offer a good amount of compatible apps at launch.

What else to expect?

In addition, the headset will have “Mac-level computing power” with M1 as the main processor, while a second, low-power chip will take care of the device’s sensors.

The basis for this prediction is that the product must also support Virtual Reality (VR), which requires more competent hardware. The lenses for this must be Micro OLED and 4K resolution, manufactured by Sony. Finally, connectivity will have Wi-Fi 6E standard, with a guarantee of higher bandwidth and less interference with the signal of other devices.

The launch is not confirmed, but the analyst’s expectation and the latest speculation is that the headset will come out along with the iPhone 14 generation in the second half of next year.