Apple Appeals to European Union’s ‘USB-C’ Recommendation


Apple has once again objected to the uniform charging connector application that the European Union has been working on for 10 years. Apple said in its statements that there are more than 1 billion Lightning connector devices on the market and the change will cause more harm to nature.

The European Parliament is currently repeating its pressures to have a uniform charge input on smartphones. In fact, this affects Apple the most because the vast majority of companies that manufacture smartphones for the Android platform use “USB Type-C” as the charging port, but Apple has a special connector that it calls “Lightning” on all iPhone models. owner.

The European Union has been asking for the necessary changes to be made in this regard for a long time. However, Apple objected to all of the European Parliament’s previous proposals, and a similar situation happened the last time. According to Apple, using a uniform charging connector is a situation that completely prevents innovation and such a change will be at a loss rather than the benefit of consumers.

The European Union thinks that implementing such an application will both reduce costs for third-party producers and avoid unnecessary production. Because the produced charging cables become unusable after a while and this creates a pile of garbage. There are also differences in the production processes of USB Type-C cables and cables produced for Lightning input, and the European Union wants to eliminate this difference.

According to the statements made by Apple, the company; it represents innovation and does its best to give customers the best experience. According to the statements, the imposition of the European Union for 10 years is a big obstacle to innovation and this situation will harm the consumers in Europe.

Apple argues that there are currently more than 1 billion Lightning devices released and that the adoption of the new legislation will deeply affect existing customers and cause grievances. Moreover, Apple emphasizes that more electronic waste will be released into the nature if it adopts the new legislation.

Apple’s comments are not limited to this. The company says it already uses the USB Type-C connector on some of its products, but they don’t believe that this has to be true for all iPhone and iPad models.

Apple, once again opposing the European Union’s decision, announced that they would not do such a thing. The interesting thing is that the parties blame each other. Namely; The European Union invites Apple and Apple invites the European Union to be more solution oriented. However, neither side of the debate seems to be willing to find any solution.


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