Apple Announces the Launch of iPhone 12 Series


Technology giant Apple has announced the date to introduce its new smartphone series iPhone 12, which will offer many new features to its users. The iPhone 12 series will be presented live on October 13 at 20:00.

US-based technology giant Apple postponed the iPhone 12, which the smartphone industry and its users were looking forward to, due to the negativities this year. Although we expected to see the new smartphone series at the event held about 3 weeks ago, Apple did not include the iPhone 12 series at the event.

This made it certain that Apple would introduce the iPhone 12 series with a new event. With the sharing made by Apple today, the date and time of the expected event has been finalized. Apple has announced that it will introduce the new iPhone 12 series, which is said to have many new features, on October 13 at 20:00.

What will the iPhone 12 series bring?

IPhone smartphones, which are normally introduced in September every year, have been another technological product affected by the negativities experienced due to the coronavirus this year. Apple announced that it will postpone the new smartphone series and will introduce the iPhone 12 series a few weeks later than usual.

The new iPhone 12 series, which Apple announced to introduce on October 13, will host many more features than the previous series. One of these innovations will of course be 5G connection technology. Apple will include 5G support in iPhone 12, which it did not include in the iPhone 11 series last year.

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The design of the iPhone 12 will also have a similar design to the older models, different from previous models. The new models will consist of straighter edges and the range will be available in a variety of sizes. Of course, the new iPhone 12 series will experience a lot of improvement in terms of performance.

The prices of each model that will be included in the new iPhone 12 series have recently emerged. However, the smallest phone of the series, the iPhone 12 mini, also showed itself and attracted those who wanted a small iPhone. We will be transmitting the details of the live event that Apple will organize on October 13th as of 20:00.


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