Apple Announces That Siri Will Reach Devices From Other Brands


Apple announced during WWDC 2021 that its Siri virtual assistant will now be made available to other electronic device manufacturers. With this, users will be able to control their smart devices from other brands with the Apple assistant.

The news means a big turnaround for Tim Cook’s company, which had the exclusive voice assistant since 2011.

“We believe Siri will be more powerful when it’s available throughout the home, which is why we’re excited to share it with others,” explained Yah Cason, automation manager for Apple HomeKit. “For the first time, HomeKit accessory manufacturers can enable Siri on their products, so you can talk to her on even more devices.”

To be able to add Siri to devices from other brands, developers must be part of Apple’s MFi program for accessories that support HomeKit. In addition, the user will need to have a HomePod, which will be responsible for transmitting the command to other devices.


According to the company, privacy and security will continue in the same molds already offered by the assistant on iPhones, iPads and Macs. However, to provide even more protection for the user, Apple has also introduced a new clause that guarantees that audio recorded by Siri will never “leave” the device.

According to Apple, Siri should reach third-party devices later this year.


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