Apple Announces New iPad Pro with Trackpad Support


Apple announces the new model of iPad Pro, the strongest of iPads. The new iPad Pro, which comes with a much more powerful processor, offers touchpad support for laptops.

Apple officially announced the next-generation ultra-powerful iPad Pro 2020. In the same way as the previous iPad Pro series, the new iPad Pro, which will be available in 11 and 12.9 inch sizes, aims to outperform its competitors with a more powerful processor and new camera system. The most striking feature of the new iPad is a keyboard with a trackpad.

Apple’s new smart product, iPad Pro 2020, is closing the gap with laptops. Featuring a backlit keyboard, iPad Pro also has a touchpad on its keyboard to offer a laptop experience. In a statement from Apple, this keyboard is said to be different from MacBooks.

The new iPad Pro comes with a much stronger processor than previous iPad Pros. Apple named the eight-core processor A12Z Bionic Chip. Apple claims that this processor makes iPad Pro much more powerful than most Windows computers.

The camera system of the new iPad Pro, whose battery life will be 10 hours, resembles the camera system of the iPhone 11 Pro. However, there are differences in the cameras used. LIDAR accompanies the ultra wide-angle lens in the triple camera system to be used for depth detection and augmented reality.

Videos released for the new iPad Pro:

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