Apple Announces New App Store features For Developers


Apple: This Thursday (8), Apple announced two new features for creating more effective product pages in the App Store. With the new tools, developers will be able to test different page models and assess the best performances through App Analytics.

Product Page Optimization

The first feature allows for page optimization, trying alternate versions of icons, screenshots and app views to get the best results. The different versions will be displayed to a percentage of eligible users from the official Apple store, selected at random. Performance results will be available in App Analytics.

Custom product pages

The second makes it possible to create additional versions of the product page, highlighting specific features or content, depending on the marketing objective, such as seasonal campaigns or highlights for a character in a game that is in evidence, for example. Alternative versions have a unique URL address that can be targeted to the desired audience.

The news was disclosed on the Apple Developer website, where in addition to pages dedicated to each feature, program members will still be able to get more details and ask questions during their Tech Talks sessions.