Apple Announces How To Clean iPhones From Corona Virus

The spread of the Corona virus in the US has prompted US-based companies. One of the companies that started to tell its customers methods of protection from Corona virus was Apple. According to the company, there is no harm in using cleaning products such as Clorox when cleaning Apple products.

The corona virus, which emerges in Wuhan, China and spreads to many countries, is becoming more and more scary each passing day. As of today, the virus that caused 4.026 people to die is the most common; It affected China, Italy, South Korea and Iran. While the Corona virus, which has not been seen in our country until now, continues to disturb the citizens, the authorities are working to take measures against the Corona virus.

Corona virus can remain alive outside. This means that our hands, which we always use the most, are the ideal carrier for this virus. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the cleanness of our hands first until the risk of Corona virus decreases or passes completely. But just keeping our hands clean is not enough alone. The cleanliness of smartphones, which are the objects we touch most with our hands throughout the day, is also extremely important.

One of the countries where the Corona virus spread was the USA. There have been 754 cases across the country to date, and experts say the number of cases will continue to increase. As such, some companies and organizations that are under social responsibility pressure have started to share with the public what measures to take against the Corona virus. One of the companies making explanations in this context was Apple.

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Apple made some explanations about how to clean iPhone and other devices. The remarkable point of the statements made by the company is that strong cleaning products such as Clorox do not harm the iPhone or other devices by paying attention to the warnings. If you wish, let’s take a look at what Apple says about this issue and how you should clean your iPhone without further ado.

IPhone cleanup recommendations against outbreaks from Apple:
Apple says you can wipe your smartphones with 70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipes or antibacterial wipes. Expressing that cleaning materials such as cloth and cloth should not be used during cleaning, the company also underlines that phones should not be immersed directly in cleaning materials. According to Apple’s comments, when cleaning iPhones, it is necessary not to overpress the surfaces.

If you follow Apple’s recommendations, you can easily clean your iPhone or other Apple devices. In this way, you will not only harm your phone, but also ensure the hygiene in your phone. In those days when the Corona virus continues to die, it seems that it is necessary to keep hands and smart phones clean.



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