Apple Announces Apple One, Combining All Its Services


At its today’s event, Apple announced the Apple One package, where all its services as well as new technologies come together. The package was offered to users with three different payment plans.

Apple introduced its new technologies at its long-awaited event, postponed due to COVID-19. At the event, where the company introduced the new Apple Watch Series 6 and Watch SE smart watches and iPad series, the company’s new service package Apple One was introduced. The new package has become a place where all the services of Apple are united.

The company’s new service package will find its users with three different payment plans. Apple One’s cheapest package will be the ‘Individual’ plan, while the most expensive plan will be the ‘Premier’ plan. The ‘Family’ plan, which is in the middle of the company’s price list, will bring the services of the Individual plan to more users.

What does the Apple One Individual plan offer?

The Apple One Individual plan will find buyers with a price tag of $ 14.95 per month (approximately $ 110). Under the plan, users will have Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade and 50GB of iCloud storage.

What does the Apple One Family plan offer?

The Apple One Family plan will have a price tag of $ 19.95 per month. The plan will offer all services in the Individual plan in the same way. However, this plan will enable people in the same family to benefit from services under a single plan. In addition, iCloud storage space will increase to 200 GB with this plan.

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What does the Apple One Premier plan offer?

The most expensive of the Apple One packages, the Premier plan has a price tag of $ 29.95 per month. As part of this plan, in addition to the services offered in Individual and Family plans, users will have 2 TB of storage instead of 50 GB of iCloud storage, Apple News + and the newly announced Apple Fitness + subscription.


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