Apple announces AirTags, its digital trackers


Apple announced on Tuesday (20), during the Spring loaded event, the AirTags, its digital trackers. The piece, which can be used to locate keys, for example, goes on sale on April 30 and can be personalized, including with emojis.

The AirTags will be equipped with an accelerometer, support for Siri, more than 1 year of battery and Bluetooth and will be resistant to water and dust. The product is the Apple version of Smart Tags, launched by Samsung earlier this year.

This type of device can make any object trackable. When placing a tag on a backpack, for example, it can be tracked in real time by the smartphone. AirTag works with the “Find My” system, an application to map the location of Apple devices, such as the iPhone.

Customers will be able to personalize AirTag with recordings that include text and a special selection of 31 emojis at the Apple store. The product is made of polished stainless steel, has a built-in speaker to reproduce sounds that assist in the search for the lost object and an easily accessible cover to replace the battery.

The device will be launched in the United States for US $ 29 (about R $ 160 in direct conversion) in the unit version. The 4-device package will sell for US $ 99 (about R $ 546 in direct conversion).

Soon after the event, Apple made the accessories available on its website in Brazil. The AirTag unit is being sold for R $ 369, while the package with 4 costs R $ 1,249.


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