Apple and WhatsApp Are Charged by The PF For Not Delivering Data


Apple: Last week, the Federal Police (PF) issued requests to Apple and Facebook, as the owner of WhatsApp, to provide complete data on cell phones seized from Deputy Daniel Silveira (PSL-RJ), currently under house arrest for attacks on ministers of the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

According to Metrópoles, the PF delegate responsible for the investigation, Leonardo Reis Guimarães, requested an extra period of 60 days for the investigations, clarifying that he was unable to obtain full access to the total content of Silveira’s devices.

Regarding the deputy’s Apple device, the PF says that only 2 MB of the material contained in the smartphone were obtained, out of a total of 1.8 GB stored in the iCloud cloud service, informed in the company’s report. Facebook, on the other hand, only sent profile photos of the contacts in the account used by Silveira, data irrelevant to the investigation.

Crimes against the honor of the Judiciary and LSN

In the new request sent to the two Big Techs, the PF reiterates what was requested on March 17, that is, the breach of confidentiality and the full extraction of content from the devices. According to a police report, what was expected was: contacts in the address book, data on connections, data on groups, data that “were available on the link provided by the company, but were not extracted before being forwarded to the expertise”.

Deputy Daniel Silveira’s arrest took place in February, after he released a video in which he defended the removal of STF ministers, praised the AI-5 of the 1964 military coup and called the 1988 Constitution “crap”. Minister Alexandre de Moraes justified his decision, stating that the politician’s statements were an attempt against the honor of the Judiciary and violated the National Security Law (LSN).


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