Apple and Tesla split stocks and appreciated this morning


On Monday (31), Apple and Tesla suffered a considerable appreciation after applying a stock split, a method by which companies divide the amount of papers available on the market and create a larger number of them. Also called a split, the movement can yield good results for companies, because, while the capital remains, the price of each share is reduced, increasing its accessibility.

Since announcing the split from one to four, the Apple company has seen its share price rise by almost 30%, showing quarterly results considered surprising on July 30. This morning, the company’s pre-market operations were up 1.4% compared to Friday’s post-split (28), the day the shares closed at US $ 499.23, before the split. Today, each was trading at $ 126.56 (equivalent to a quarter of a previous one) – up 70% in 2020.

This split is the most recent since 2014, the year that Apple divided each share into seven. It is the fifth since the first, which occurred in 1980.

And Tesla?

In early August, Tesla did the same, announcing a split from one to five shares, something that went into effect today. As a result, it saw its shares rise 61% during the period, closing each at $ 2,213. This morning, also in pre-market operations, they were trading at an increase of 2.33%, each fifth of an integer before the division worth US $ 453 dollars.

Now, it remains to monitor how companies will follow during the day and confirm the appreciation trend.

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