Apple And Samsung Will Be Notified Of Tying On Releases


Apple: With the release of new high-end devices from Samsung and Apple — iPhone 13, Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 — the discussion about smartphones not coming with in-box chargers has resurfaced. Procon-SP had already fined companies in 2020 and is preparing to notify them again, until next Wednesday (29).

Fernando Capez, executive director of the agency, said in an interview to the TechTudo website that Procon-SP understands that the sale of the charger separately from the cell phone sets up a tie-in. Since the user can only charge the device with that specific charger, the user would be required to purchase two pieces.

When asked about how these changes influence the routine of consumers, Capez says that the consumer already expects to receive the charger, and that breaking this routine could lead to an unjustified price increase.

He also adds that the Consumer Protection Code establishes that, even if Apple discloses the content that comes with the device, if this information is camouflaged, it is also an offense to the code.

“We can compare it with going to a supermarket. The customer would buy a 400 gram product for R$ 20. Now, the same product continues to cost R$ 20, but with 300 grams. The company can reduce the quantity, but it is necessary to print this information on the packaging so that the consumer is aware”, says the executive director.


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