Apple And Google Remove Putin’s Opponent App In Russia


Russia: The companies Apple and Google, respectively responsible for the online stores App Store and Google Play Store, have been accused by political opposition in Russia of collaborating with a strategy of censorship by the government.

The accusation comes from the political group led by Aleksei Navalny, which acts in opposition to President Vladimir Putin. According to him, the companies removed from the iOS and Android catalog an application related to the legislative elections, which began this week in the country.

The app called “Navalny” does not appear in online stores in Russia and also in other regions. It is a kind of electoral guide focused on supporters of the opposition party in the country, showing opinion polls and lists of linked candidates.

Why was it deleted?

Russian authorities considered the application “illegal” and asked the companies, who often collaborate with requests coming from governments, to remove it. Sought, the companies made no statements regarding the accusation.

The main organization critical of the current political situation in the country, Navalny’s political movement is considered “extremist” by Putin, and Alexei himself has been in prison since January 2021. local government was the author of the attack.


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