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Apple and Google Are Sued For Using Noise Cancellation


Apple and Google; Wearable device and accessory maker Jawbone has filed a lawsuit against giants Google and Apple, accused of infringing patents originally filed by the company. The lawsuit was filed in a court in the US state of Texas.

According to Jawbone, the duo incorporated technological features into mobile devices, speakers and headphones without permission. The company claims that eight patents in its name, developed over the past few years, were infringed, all related to the feature that reduces external noise for those wearing headphones.

What would have happened?

Originally, the resources were used by Jawbone in military contracts. In 2017, the brand went through financial difficulties and had to sell a good part of the assets — which would have been offered to Apple and Google, but refused. Apple even sold company products, such as speakers, on its official website.

Currently, a brand called Jawbone Innovations holds the license for the name and patents, and is responsible for the process.

The case is not unprecedented: Jawbone had already sued the South Korean Samsung for the same reason. The lawsuit was filed in May and the trial has not yet ended. In a statement, Google said it will defend itself in court, while Apple has not officially commented on the case.



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