Apple and Foxconn relationship is ‘falling apart’


One of Apple’s biggest partners is Foxconn, a Chinese manufacturing giant that has been responsible for manufacturing products like iPhones and iPads for years. However, according to The Information, the “marriage” between companies is not going very well.

In a report published for its subscribers, the vehicle describes some situations that have happened between the two companies in recent years. It seems that the Chinese company has managed to irritate Apple a few times with its actions to increase its earnings.

In one of the cases described by The Information, Foxconn would have inflated numbers for Apple to increase its profit margin. The Chinese manufacturer reportedly said it needed more employees than it should to manufacture the 2018 iPad Pro.

According to the site, Foxconn constantly sends inflated employee payrolls to Apple, pretending to have considerably low profit margins.

Assembly line problems

According to reports, inflated numbers are not the only problem in the relationship between companies. According to The Information, the two companies have already fought over the assembly lines.

According to The Information, Apple has accused Foxconn of showing the 12-inch MacBook production line to Google. The owner of the iPhones even requested security camera recordings for the Chinese manufacturer, but the request was denied.

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