Apple and Facebook: The war is going on between the two!


The two American giants, Apple and Facebook, do not stop shooting each other. And the war is not over. Between Apple and Facebook, it’s war! The big boss of the American apple giant, Tim Cook, had to get involved on social media.

It’s not a secret. In recent years, the two American giants, Apple and Facebook, have been shooting each other. And this without ever stopping.

Thus, those who make up the famous acronyms GAFAM are in competition among these 5 giants. However, the two Californian firms forget the others.

So, we could call it a duo between Apple and Facebook. So until now, both companies have been critical of their methods and modes of communication. Even construction.

But that’s all ! The two companies went no further. Except that their war, which seems endless, does not end there … This time, they are going after the private sector.

Indeed, Facebook published a press campaign last week. Thus, the giant took the opportunity to make fun of the new IOS 14 version.

And for good reason, this new mode allows the user to know how their data will be collected. But the giant, created by Mark Zuckerberg, doesn’t believe it!

According to him, the new rules “of Apple’s iOS 14 are going to have a detrimental impact on many small businesses”. But also “on the internet”.


So for the big boss of Apple, this is too much. Indeed, Tim Cook had to get involved. Whoever created the iPhone 12 then explained that the choice was up to the user.

So, he was the only one to choose whether he wanted his data to be used. Or not. In fact, he took the opportunity to reassure Facebook.

The social network can still make use of it. However, he will have to “ask permission before” if he needs to collect certain data. So, did Apple win the war? Or just a battle?


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