Apple and BOE sign agreement to supply OLED display


If there is any “soap opera” considered long in the technology market, we can say that it is led by Apple and BOE. This is because manufacturers have been “dating” for some time and this relationship has many comings and goings.

Long before the launch of the iPhone 12 family, rumors already indicated that BOE could supply OLED displays to Apple. However, the Chinese failed to pass the quality test required by the Cupertino giant.

Now, according to more recent rumors, it appears that Apple and BOE will finally be able to close a major trade deal. That’s because the display manufacturer got the necessary certification from the apple company.

The most curious point is that BOE will not even have to wait for the launch of the iPhone 13 line. The Chinese manufacturer should take orders for displays from the current iPhone 12 family.

Samsung is expected to produce about 130 million displays for the iPhone 12, while LG and BOE have 40 and 10 million, respectively. The figures confirm that it will still be a long time before Apple gets rid of Samsung’s dependence.
Apple must also prepare BOE to take on extra orders. This is because the demand for the iPhone 12 line may rise and the Chinese has to be available to deliver another 10 million displays. For now, companies have not commented on the negotiations.

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