Apple also talked to Nissan to produce autonomous car


After ending negotiations with Hyundai, Apple extended its talks with Japanese automakers. According to information released by the Financial Times, the Cupertino giant even tried to convince Nissan to build its smart car.

However, sources working at the automaker reported that the discussions also ended up cooling off. That’s because Apple has demanded that Nissan change its production to build cars under its own brand.

This exclusive contract ends up transforming the Japanese company into a simple automaker without any control over the vehicles it sells. Another critical point is that it also has the potential to end any Nissan plan to build its own autonomous vehicle.

Commenting on the matter, a Nissan spokesman confirmed that talks with Apple have ended:

If any discussion has taken place, it has already ended. However, Nissan is always open to exploring collaborations and partnerships to accelerate the transformation of the industry.
Nissan’s COO, Ashwani Gupta, was more direct:

We have the satisfaction of our own customer, who comes from our cars. No way are we going to change the way we make cars. The way we design, develop and assemble will always be like an automotive manufacturer.
For now, Apple has not commented on the matter.

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