Apple Allows Netflix And Spotify To Use Signup Link On iOS


Apple announced this Wednesday (1st) a change in App Store policies. Starting in 2022, subscription applications will be able to insert a link that allows the user to create and manage an account outside the platform environment. The decision affects large services like Netflix and Spotify.

The novelty is the result of an agreement with the Japan Fair Trade Commission, which investigated the company’s alleged anti-competitive market practices. Previously, this was not allowed: the user already needed to be registered with the service and only use the app to login from an existing profile.

Despite officially covering “reading apps”, the measure is not restricted to subscriptions to newspapers, magazines or books: the group includes audio and video managers, such as streaming audiobooks, music, movies and series.

First of many steps?

On the other hand, microtransactions outside the subscription or separate items continue to operate normally (and necessarily) within the App Store. This means that you will still not be able to choose other payment methods to get away from the control and fees normally charged by the App Store, which can reach 30% of each transaction.

With the change, the investigations by the Japanese regulatory agency are officially closed and, at least in this case, without punishment for the company. Apple’s news, however, will be applied globally to avoid similar lawsuits.

It is worth remembering that the company may still promote other changes in the iOS digital store as a result of the future verdict of the lawsuit filed by Epic Games. In South Korea, the company has already been forced to allow the disclosure of external payment methods in its store, which could end up becoming a global measure in the future.


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