Apple Is Alleged to Launch iPhone SE Plus In addition to iPhone SE


Jon Prosser, who previously made correct claims about the technology world, mentioned a phone called iPhone SE Plus in his share today. Jon said that we will soon hear new news about this phone.

Apple, the technology giant in Cupertinolu, surprisedly introduced its new smartphone 2020 iPhone SE. The company also received intense interest as it introduced a brand new phone with an affordable price compared to other iPhone models and even had to delay the sending of the phones to 13 May due to this intense interest.

Although Apple has been following a certain order every year about the smartphone, it seems that the company will now disrupt this order. According to a claim made today, Apple may introduce a new smartphone as well as iPhone SE before this year ends. Let’s get into the details of the claim.

Is the iPhone SE Plus coming?
Jon Prosser, a well-known analyst in the technology world, has made several claims that have finally come true. The claim that Jon Prosser made today was that Apple would release a new iPhone SE model. According to Jon Prosser, Apple is about to hear some sensations about a new phone called iPhone SE Plus.

“There will be some iPhone SE Plus news for you soon,” Jon Prosser said in a post on Twitter. Although Jon made a big claim about Apple, he did not give any details about this sharing or the ‘new news’ we would receive.

The iPhone SE, which Apple introduced recently, is almost similar to the iPhone 8 except design. As Jon Prosser claims, if Apple releases a new iPhone SE model and makes it an iPhone SE Plus, we can expect the Plus model to come with a dual camera, just like the iPhone 8 series.

However, we can say that the screen size will increase as it is in every Plus model of Apple, it will probably be at the level of 5.5 inches. However, it should be remembered that we do not know how accurate Jon Prosser’s sharing is and what he says is only an argument right now.


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