Apple Adds EarPods to iPhone 12 Box Content in France


Announcing that the iPhone 12 family will not add EarPods to the box content, Apple will add headphones to the box content of its phones across the country due to a law in France. In other countries, headphones will not be available.

We know that Apple’s new smartphone series iPhone 12 is extremely simplified. Apple, which does not include the EarPods and power adapter in the box content, will have to add EarPods to the box content as per the law in France.

According to the statement made by MacRumors, iPhone 12 devices to be sold in France will include EarPods. “Hands-free kits” in French law and the requirement of “use with headphones” for children under the age of 14 to be exposed to electromagnetic radiation at a later time require Apple to include a headset in the box.

The science of this law is shown as the belief that the health effects of long-term radiation from smartphones are settled, especially in children. For this reason, it is recommended to use a hands-free kit with any advertisement in user manuals for electronic devices such as smartphones in France. Otherwise, you will have to pay a fine of 75,000 euros.

Any object containing radio equipment under this rule; It cannot be distributed for free or for a fee without a wired, rugged and reliable headset. A user manual that clearly shows the use of a wired headset should be included in the box of products such as smartphones.

France also against 5G

There have been protests against 5G in various cities of France, a country that is very afraid of the effects of radiation. Apart from these protests, some officials argue that the deployment of 5G should be delayed due to health concerns.

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While Apple will issue EarPods in France, it says iPhones reduce carbon emissions and e-waste without EarPods. However, let us remind you that the iPhone 12 will be available in our country without headphones and charging adapters.


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