Apple acquires a new domain to combat coronavirus


US technology giant Apple, which has recently announced that it has developed a COVID-19 contact tracking tool to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus outbreak, has now received the domain name “”.

According to the information provided by MacRumors, it is seen that Apple registered a domain name “” last Friday, in the domain inquiry service named WHOIS, where the domain name can be found.

The registration shows Apple as the organization that registered the domain name in question. The record by CSC Corporate Domains, one of the largest domain services in the world, which protects the domain names for large companies, indicates that Apple can sign a new initiative for the epidemic.

Registration indicating that the domain named is registered on behalf of Apple
As we previously reported, Apple and Google have announced that they have partnered with healthcare organizations to develop a system based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to help reduce the spread of the virus. Getting the domain name on Friday when this partnership is announced suggests it may be linked to the project.

So, what will the operating logic of the system Apple and Google develop? Based on user privacy and security, the system will send instantly changing identification numbers to the devices around each device. If users come into contact with a COVID-19 patient, they will be automatically notified.

The system to be developed by Apple and Google will warn people who come into contact with a COVID-19 patient
Of course, for this, the person carrying the coronavirus should enter the official health practice and add this information to the system. Stating that everyone involved in the system will be anonymous, Apple and Google say that location information will not be stored and published ID numbers will change every 15 minutes.

The application to be developed will be available to iOS and Android users in May. The application, which is said to receive frequent updates, will work in integration with the applications of official health institutions. Thus, a full coordination will be provided between citizens and health officials.

Undertaking that the data to be obtained from the users will not be stored on the servers in this process, Apple and Google announced that all work on the contact tracking system will be shared with the public transparently.


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