Apple accuses Epic Games of defending only its interests


The battle royale between Apple and Epic Games remains in dispute. The scenario now was an Australian federal court that, according to The Guardian, held an interlocutory hearing on Tuesday (23), to decide whether to proceed with the action proposed by Epic against the Apple at the same time as there is already a lawsuit on the same subject in the United States.

Apple argued before the court that the case of the video game developer against its app store has nothing to do with defending the interests of Australian customers or protecting small app developers. According to the Cupertino giant, Epic is “a Goliath” defending its own interests and trying to change the App Store’s business model.

Epic Games’ case against Apple in Australia repeats the same allegations as the lawsuit in the United States: the issue originated in the banning of the popular video game Fortnite, from the App Store in August last year, after Epic inserted payment methods into the app. outside the store to avoid paying the commission due.

Epic Games vs Apple in Australia

During Tuesday’s hearing, Apple’s attorney Stephen Free sought to deconstruct the thesis that Epic Games would be a victim, calling the case a legal battle between “two Goliaths”, recalling that the developer of electronic games is evaluated in more than US $ 17 billion (R $ 94 billion).

For Free, Epic benefited a lot from the partnership with Apple and “obtained a significant amount of information from the? App Store” ?, pointing out that most of the successes of the developer “can be attributed to the hardware and software of Apple”.

Epic’s lawyer, Neil Young, countered by saying that Apple’s actions go against Australian competition law. Judge Nye Perram, who is conducting the case, has yet to render his verdict on whether or not the action will continue in Australia.


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