Apple A15 Bionic: iPhone 13 Chip Has 50% Better CPU Than Rivals


Apple A15 Bionic: Along with the iPhone 13 family of devices, Apple unveiled on Tuesday (14) the new home processor that runs on the company’s next smartphones. This is the A15 Bionic model.

The model is manufactured in a 5 nm (nanometer) architecture with 15 billion transistors and six cores, two of them high performance. With that, the processor is able to present an improved performance in features such as text-to-speech conversion (text-to-speech) and vice versa in Siri personal assistant, and processing of directions in the system’s maps app.

The CPU is 50% faster than competitors, while the quad-core graphics card offers 30% better visuals than rivals — especially in textures and lighting effects. The neural engine, on the other hand, has 16 cores and is capable of performing 15.8 trillion operations per second.

According to the company, the A15 Bionic was created in conjunction with hardware and software teams, for improvements in video and image processing.

Hands-on effects should be seen in experiences like Live Text on iOS 15, remote sports performance tracking, 3D maps with information popping up on the live screen, and more.


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