Apple, A Privacy-Focused Advertising Film To Consider


Apple has prepared a very remarkable commercial for iPhones. This commercial, which has been prepared, emphasizes the privacy features of iPhones. Apple says “Some things should not be shared” as the slogan in this commercial. using the phrase.

US-based technology giant Apple always emphasizes privacy and security for iPhones. While the company states that the privacy and security of the users are fully ensured, it also frequently uses it in PR studies. A recent commercial produced by the company highlights the privacy features of iPhones once again. Apple said this commercial film “Some things should not be shared.” presents to consumers with the slogan.

In Apple’s new commercial for iPhones, everything that others should not know is distributed in the community. For example, a woman shares her login information with someone else in this commercial. Also on a bus ride, a man announces to other people on the bus that another man who is working with the phone is looking for a divorce lawyer online. Apple emphasizes that such things “should not be shared”.

The “should not be shared” highlighted in Apple’s new commercial is not limited to these. For example, two women working in an office talk very loudly and express that they are happy to work with each other, but they hate the male employee among them. Here in the video, such absurd situations are reproduced with different examples.

Another highlight Apple has made in the commercial film is that iPhones provide user privacy. “IPhone helps keep it like this,” Apple said after its slogan in its commercial. gives the phrase. But to be clear, Apple did not prepare this type of commercial because it is traditional. This commercial was originally created to highlight the new privacy features added to iOS 14.

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In a news we shared with you in the past, we talked about some of Facebook’s statements about iOS 14. Company CFO David Wehner announced that with iOS 14, it will be difficult to track users, which will result in a decrease in advertising revenue. Moreover, Facebook is not the only company that has fear about this issue.

Media organs such as, BuzzFeed and The Wall Street Journal, which have millions of users after Facebook’s statements, announced that the privacy features in iOS 14 will cause a serious decrease in revenues. However, Apple did not back down on this issue. Now let’s leave you alone with Apple’s new privacy-focused commercial that has been prepared in a very interesting way.

Apple’s new privacy-focused commercial for iPhones


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