Apparently, Johnny Depp is no longer meeting with his lawyer on trial in the UK


Johnny Depp and Joelle Rich’s romantic relationship has come to an end.

It hasn’t been hard to follow Johnny Depp’s appearance on the news lately. As for the legal side of the case, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor filed an appeal against the need to pay ex-wife Amber Heard $ 2 million in damages for her counterclaim. lawyers who represented him during the libel trial in the United Kingdom. However, the news came that this romantic relationship had come to an end.

Back at the end of September, it became known that Johnny Depp and Joel Rich became the subject of disagreement now that they were no longer professionally related to each other, and Depp lost the aforementioned lawsuit in the UK in November 2020. Now people have confirmed that they are no longer together. When the novel was initially made public in the media, an unnamed source told the publication that Depp and Rich were “dating, but it’s not serious.” Obviously, this is indeed the case, and the two went their separate ways.


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