Apparently, Green Lantern’s most humiliating defeat came from Batman


Attention: spoilers for the movie “Batman/Superman: The Best in the World No. 4”!

In DC comics, the main members of the Justice League — Green Lantern Hal Jordan and Batman — have repeatedly clashed foreheads, and now Bats has told that he once defeated Hal with a well-aimed yellow brick! Suffice it to say that Green Lanterns’ outdated weakness for yellow has never done these space cops any good, and of course Batman has never been able to resist using a good flaw.

This series, touched upon in Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #4 by Mark Wade and Dan Mohr, focuses on the untold adventures of Batman and Superman long before the current DC comics continuity. Still in the midst of telling its initial story arc, this series immediately attracted fans with gorgeous and colorful art and a script that seems just right for the characters involved, with young versions of Dick Grayson—still dressed in Robin’s clothes. — and a relatively new Supergirl, only adding to the charm of the book.

A hint of the loss that Batman and Superman are battling with a Hal-obsessed Jordan, it’s only after Superman is nearly destroyed by Hal’s newly magic-filled ring that fans learn about a secret defeat that Hal probably doesn’t want anyone to know about. Jumping in front of Superman and deflecting the beam of the ring before it incinerated the Big Blue, Batman can’t help but comment on their current predicament and sneaks in a casual revelation that gives readers a hint of what the Green Lantern might be. The most humiliating defeat of Hal Jordan.

Struggling to block incoming magic while Superman recovers, Batman looks back at his partner and says: “I miss the days when you could just knock him out with a yellow brick,” cheerfully naming Hal’s old weakness while saying it at the same time. At some point in the past, Batman completely threw a yellow brick bat at Hal’s head and made him count. And although it is unclear whether Batman was saving Hal from other property with the help of the specified brick or just wanted to shut him up for a second, the fact that Batman recalls the good old days of the stupidest weakness of Green Lanterns is at the same time very specific. As for his favorite colored weapon, it’s easy to assume that the Bats are remembering a moment that already happened between these two iconic DC heroes.

A weakness as dizzying as that of Green Lanterns, just as strange, but fortunately also outdated susceptibility to wood (right, Alan Scott?). In the end, it turned out that Green Lanterns can not resist the yellow color. The Central Energy Battery is connected to the avatar of fear, Parallax, the entity that gave the Corps. a lot of grief over the years. And since Batman has plans beyond plans to destroy each and every member of the Justice League if he has to, the Bats hint at the time when he threw a yellow brick at Hal’s head to kill him, this is Batman’s peak, and also shows how to get rid of this ridiculous weakness of color eventually went to benefit the Green Lantern Corps.

So while the instance in question technically wasn’t seen on the panel, the idea that Batman apparently once used a yellow brick to kill Hal is as funny as it is humiliating. Batman and Green Lantern Hal Jordan don’t always see eye to eye, and now fans have another reason why their rivalry in the Justice League is so strong.